Dskow Publishing Projects

A company for publishing phone Apps with support for non-phone applications and services. Here are the active projects on Dskow Publishing.

Letter Letter Word

This is a simple puzzle game written with three letter words. The goal is to generate an specific number of words in a 3 by 3 grid within 2 minutes. When the goal is reached the word count is added to the score and a new goal is set. Words can be counted forwards and backwards, up/down, left/right, and diagonally. The grid cells contain one letter that can be toggled between a random vowel, consonant, and hold. The letters change every 5 seconds.

Score it

This is a baseball scoring application under development. The idea is to build a team roster of your favorite local team and share scorcard with others to see how they compare. A beta swagger api is available on this developer site and a web map at this map site a facebook login is used to for authentication and authorization of data that you entered.


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